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SAP & SuccessFactors Certification and my EC Delta Certification Experience

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  1. Shreekanya

    Hi Chris,
    I would like to know the details about SuccessFactors certification for a module.

    As i’m verifying online for the SuccessFactors certification training got your mail id.

    I’m just learned this course from a tutorial. But they haven;t guide me how to proceed with certification. So It would be helpful to me if you provide the details for the same.
    Thanks in advance

    1. Sven Ringling

      Dear Jayant,

      if you attend the course or follwo the program on the SAP Learning Hub, and do most of the exercises, you will pass the certification test easily without cheating and getting the questions from somewhere.
      If you cam’t pass the test without having had access to the questions, this proves that you are not ready. Thyat would be teh equivalent of sending someone else to do your driving test in your name and then drive without actually being able to thus risking other people’s health.

      If your employer pushes you to do this, report them to SAP via

      The certification is basic enough as it is. People trying to pass it without actually learning something about SuccessFactors get customers into trouble, give SuccessFactors and consulting partners a bad name and often make innocent people losing their jobs by crashing projects.

      So, I hope you’ve done the course properly – then you won’t need the questions.
      And after passing the certification, please remember this doesn’t make you an expert yet. Your employer should provide an experience consultant to coach you for the first projects.

  2. MK

    Hi ,

    Please help in doing the SF certification, is onboarding module comes under EC?
    am having knowledge on Onboarding,

  3. Kandra

    Hi Chris,

    I would like to write RCM certification , there is no proctored exam in Certification hub . Where do I need to write RCM certification ?

    Thank you

  4. Priti

    I cant see this content added in my Learning room- Employee Central HCM Academy Learning Room. Can someone send me the invite please?

    1. You mean the Learning Room? If yes, give it some minutes. An Admin have to add you to the group. If this doesn’t happen write an ticket in the Education center.

  5. Joshua Opara

    Hi Chris,

    whats the difference between Delta ECM and the ECM ?

    I just passed my ECM through the proctor exam on certification hub and i have the Delta exam for ECM Q2/2015 available. Am i supposed to write that immediately?

    1. Sven Ringling

      Hi Joshua,
      if you have your certifications registered in the SAP credentials registry / consultant finder, you’ll be alerted, when a Delta exam is required.
      You would also so an expiration date next to your certification in teh credentials registry.
      I’ll add a screenshot of how that looks like to the artcle above.

  6. Priya Gupta

    Useful information but still I don’t understand what is the reason for posting your certificate Is that shows that you are certified.

    Anyways, Good Information

  7. Vijay Guddeti

    Hi Chris,
    Thanks a lot for sharing Good Information.

    I had passed my Employee Central Certification in Oct, 2014. Is it mandatory for me to pass the delta exam ? If So, how can I, as I have changed my company and my new one is not a SF partner ?


    1. Normally you get an E-Mail, which says that you have to do the Delta Exam. Its truely a tricky question how to keep you Certification, when you are not working in a SF Partner Company anymore.Honetly, I would write a mail to the Education Team asking what they expect to do.

    2. malathy m

      Thanks for sharing great information in your blog. Got to learn new things from your Blog . It was very nice blog to learn about SAP SF.

    3. Sven Ringling

      Hi Vijay,

      there is a separate training and certification for Onboarding. It’s only one week on the SAP LearningHub and much easier than EC. I did teh certification recently.

      Please note: the most flexible and cost-efficient way to keep up to date and keep your certifications is to subscribe to the SAP Learning Hub, as an annual subscription is already cheaper than most courses. It alsi gives you teh flexibility to do the work whenever you have time and to repeat virtual classroom sessions later, if you need to.

      Individuals can now get their own Learning Hub access without being affiliated with a Partner or Customer and if you use this link, you’ll be able to get the subscription at a very good discount, if you use „iprocon“ as referral code:

  8. Neha

    Hi Chris,

    Awesome job with the blog. It really gives a great deal of much needed information regarding the delta exam. I had one question regarding the delta documents you have mentioned, are these only available if you enroll for THR81 course with SAP or independent consultants can also get the same?

    Thanks again for all the help by writing this blog and sharing your experience.

  9. julie

    Thanks, very helpful. I recently completed RCM in Q4 2015 and am certified (it wasn’t proxy’d yet, still isn’t). I assume I still must take deltas. How do I keep up with deltas if I don’t have a hub subscription?

    1. I just did RCM RCM in Q2 2015. Correctly, there is no proctored exam or delta out yet… The Proctored Exam should come this year, but you got already you Certification so no worries. I think a Delta Exam for RCM will come in maybe 2-3 years… Didn’t saw that much stuff going on there, but you never know… If there will be a Delta Exam in RMC you will get a Notification E-Mail asking you to do the Delta Exam in the next 6 month. If so, you need a Subscription Hub! You may also need the Learning Hub Subscription to prepare for the exam. If you are regulary in projects you may not need it as you will have enough hands on practise…

  10. Sreelatha N

    Hi Chris, Congratulations ! I had completed EC Delta during 3rd week of Nov, 2015. The topics in 1508 still relate to the 1505 certification exam. The only topics will not be tested on are external integration and benefits. Everything else is relevant. Catch All we had read event in rules xml. Catch All will be always at the end. Yes, SAP certifications question was always tricky :). Thanks.

    1. Thank you very much… Yes, Integration and Benefits are the big topics, but for example Generation document or other „small“ features where no topic in the EC Delta Exam… I would be interested why they leave Integegration out as it is kind of a big and important topic for customers… At least some basic questions like „What are systems you can use for Integration“ … PI, Dell Boomi, HCI

  11. JoAnne Noel

    Thanks so much for the great detail. Not just the content, but the process information will be useful to others.

  12. Roxana Grigore

    Thank you Chris for this useful article on SF certification and congratulations for taking your certification(s). ;-)

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