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One Click Wagetype Documentation in SAP HR Infotypes

Another useful result from SAP’s customer driven improvement program: you can now access the documentation for each wagetype directly from infotypes 0008, 0014 and 0015. Having the documentation always at your fingertips makes well informed decisions faster and errors much less likely.

The main wagetype configuration table T512W allows you capture and reference a description of what the wagetype does, and when and how it should be used. This is often neglected because end users don’t have easy access to this documentation. But this has now changed. With the two SAP notes 2187412 and 2179198 you can make this documentation available directly in the infotypes by a click on a button:


To capture the documentation access table T512W through transaction SM31 (or SM30) and view V_512W_O:


You can apply note 2179198 via transaction SNOTE, or alternatively apply the September 2015 support package. Then manual activities from note 2187412 are required. This includes amending or creating entries for the relevant infotypes in T588M: Field DOCU_BUTTON_WTY is invisible by default and should be made a visible, optional field instead.

Note that it is quite likely that the current wagetype documentation in your system is not very useful or is even misleading, because it hasn’t been used much in the past. This is actually a good opportunity to review your wagetype catalogue and do a little clean-up as well as amending the documentation. We’d be happy to help and can also provide a simple tool to show all relevant wagetype settings in one ALV with an option to export the result to Excel. A real time saver if you want to get a good understanding of all your custom wagetypes:


Get in touch if you’d like further help or want to buy the wagetype documentation tool for GBP 490.00.

Update: A further correction note has now been released.

If you are using the feature P0008 with subtypes, then the information pushbutton may not display in the wage type list on your IT0008 screen.  To remedy this, apply the new note 2242106 released by SAP.   Feature P0008 controls the screen view that is presented depending on decision criteria, such as the infotype subtype or country, company code amongst others.  The new wage type documentation is a great enhancement and it is good that SAP have corrected the development to encompass using subtypes in their P0008 feature decisions.

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