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SuccessFactors Reporting Insider KPI’s for Recruiting Management

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  1. Lore Hemberger

    How can I get further KPIs like Number of candidates in 2017 or time between the candidate are in Pipeline on the step Hiring-Manager Interview and the step Offer (only for closed requisitions)? We have a lot of those requirements and try to use YouCalc, but it always failed with the Performance. There are to much data for calculation needed for that – any idea or solution on that?

    1. How many Requisitions and Candidate you have per month? Is it possible to aggregate some Data already in Ad-Hoc Reports? I am not sure if the BIRT Engine would be faster, but it is worth to test it. I will write you an E-Mail.

  2. Noa Koren

    Any idea how can we pool from the Ad Hoc tool not only the referrer first and last name, but also the referrer sysID / employee ID?
    We have many employees who share the same first and last name and need a unique identifier for them

  3. recruitment management system

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