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SuccessFactors Consulting: Employee Central – Talent – Reporting

SuccessFactors Projects Need More Than Just Technical Experts

With our paradigm to combine Technology, HCM Process and Change, our team at iProCon is the right partner to help you with the transition of your HR systems into the cloud, whether you are looking at SuccessFactors Employee Central, SuccessFactors Talentmanagement or Concur Travel and Expense.

A Consulting Approach Fit for SuccessFactors

The consultancy approach our SAP HCM customers have always benefited from is exactly what you need for your SuccessFactors implementation – something like the „BizExpert“ or „SAP Launch“ methodology is what we’ve been waiting for SAP to adopt for ages:

  • an iterative or agile approach rather than a waterfall model, so customers don’t get any negative surprises and loads of change requests at the end, but can influence the solution as it develops
  • a tailored model of on-site and remote activity to keep cost low, rather than blind assignment of full time resources
  • however: we realise that 80% remote work doesn’t work for most customers, so we’ll establish together with you how much on-site presense is best for your project

Where to Start: SuccessFactors Employee Central or Talent Management?

iProConference 2015: discussing SuccessFactors Employee Central Time Off and Time Evaluation
iProConference 2015: discussing SuccessFactors Employee Central Time Off and Time Evaluation

Also: we won’t rush you to make the move to SuccessFactors. Let us help you to understand your options and build your roadmap:

  • It may turn out that sticking to SAP HCM for now is right for your organisation and you can re-consider your decision in a couple of years.
  • You may opt for a Talent Hybrid approach adding SuccessFactors Recruitment, Performance&Goals, Learning, Succession, Compensation, etc. to your existing on-premise SAP HCM system step by step.
  • In some cases even starting with SuccessFactors Employee Central and Employee Central Payroll as the foundation for all other SuccessFactors modules may be right
  • Or you pick the side by side integration model to use SuccessFactors Employee Central to roll out an HCM system to subsidiaries first, before going for the big migration at the corporate headquarter: A pilot for a smaller population can often be implemented much faster than expected – and why not start in the UK, one of the most cloud-friendly countries in Europe.

Request Your Demo Now!

If you are intersted in one or more SuccessFactors modules, the best way forward is to

  • see the solution and
  • discuss what you see to align it with your business objectives

Get in touch and we can arrange a demo session and discussion to see, how we can make SuccessFactors work for you.

Innovation Continues after your SuccessFactors Implementation

Even after the transition from SAP HCM to SuccessFactors iProCon stay loyal to the „innovation“ bit in our name. We’ll keep looking for sweet spots, where our customers can get more value from pragmatic solutions rather than always going for the product with the biggest price tag. One such area is the clever use of SuccessFactors reporting tools such as ORD, YouCalc builder or BIRT, where we also provide bespoke training.

Expect more typical iProCon solutions, e.g. in Employee Central Payroll, in the future to help you getting Better HR for less money.

Whether You Start this Year or Later: Understand Your SuccessFactors Options Now

USA, Washington, man on mountaintop at dusk, side viewGet in touch, so we can help you

  • building your roadmap
  • implementing new solutions
  • getting the most out of your existing solutions