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HR service catalogue – Increase the efficiency of your process design with our reference model

Usually it takes a lot of time to design business processes, data models etc. A reference model is therefore a good basis for an efficient design of company specific models. It is always easier and faster to adjust reference models. In addition, a good reference model can give you ideas for the design of own procedures.
The reference model HR service catalogue is an iProCon product, that supports you most of all in the beginning of a process management project, because it helps identifying your HR services.

With our reference model we identify the services your personnel department offers or maybe should offer for the company. Services you don’t need will be removed out of the catalogue. Single roles might have to be added. Further more, we pay attention to the adjustment of terms to your company specific terminology.

As a result you get a list and a hierarchy of your services for each part of HR. That will help you to give detailed information about your HR services to the management. In addition, you have got a basis for future project work. The next picture graphically shows you the procedure of adaptation. You can also order the reference model HR service tree.



With the reference model „HR service tree“ (HR service catalogue) we offer you a valuable basis for the identification of your services. The awareness of your performed personnel services as well as the representation in a schematically form support the personnel management in many ways. You can easily save some workshop days when you use the reference model for the introduction or the re-design of your HR process management. In addition, you increase the efficiency as well as the quality of your process management.


The model contains a wide ranging, hierarchically structured catalog of possible personnel services. On the first level the services are divided into:


Each of these contains a model with many services. All together there are 950 services, which are usually performed by the personnel department. As an excerpt of the reference model you see the part “Recruiting” here.


e.g.: use at an outsourcing project/h5>
At an outsourcing project there the service catalogue supports the identification and documentation of roles, which are going to be outsourced. It helps to avoid forgetting side roles and not pointing out interfaces. The company specific service catalogue contains all the required information, which is helpful for the communication between the outsourcer, personnel department, employees and managers.

e.g.: use at a process design

The HR services are the basis for process design, because they represent the results of processes. On the one hand the service catalogue supports the identification of all relevant processes. On the other hand the structure of the reference model is a basis for creating the process architecture. So it simplifies a lot the start of process management. It is recommended to always adjust processes and models at the continuous change of HR management (laws, company goals,…). It is for instance necessary to review the requirements of new projects.

Other examples
  • System selection / system implementation
  • Reorganization of the personnel department
  • Quality management / certification
  • Merger / takeover
  • Job description

With ARIS® – a tool for designing processes – you can easily adjust the service catalogue to your requirements. We offer the reference model as a database of ARIS® 7.0. If you don’t have ARIS® you can also get it as a PowerPoint or Excel file. The price of the reference model is EUR 950 excl. VAT. Updates are free. We send them to you by E-Mail in irregular intervals.

We are looking forward to your order or to answer your questions:
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