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iProCon Presenting at the SAPInsider HR2014 Conference in Nice, France

It’s that time of the year again: the European  SAPInsider HR conference is on the horizon. I’m happy the event organiser accepted some of my sessions again, so I will be presenting on SAP HCM authorisations, HR global rollout and SAP HCM strategy for on-premise agility. I’ll also be honoured to be guest in a discussion panel hosted by the one and only Martin Gillet.

You find all information about the conference on the HR2014 website and here is a link for registration with a special speaker referral discount.

If you’d like to meet at the conference, best get in touch now, so we can arrange something. It’s usually very busy, so not always easy to meet otherwise.

HR 2014 NiceSo, here are my conference sessions – if you can’t come, but want to discuss these topics anyway, we can also arrange an in-house workshop for your organisation:

1) Guidelines for deploying and integrating international subsidiaries into SAP ERP HCM

This session provides guidelines for seamlessly integrating international subsidiaries into an existing SAP ERP HCM landscape. Attend to:

  • Examine a tiered framework approach and see how to leverage it to structure your integration initiative by the makeup of your subsidiary, such as workforce size
  • See typical sets of processes, transactions, and data for three typical subsidiary country tiers and walk through integration requirements for each tier
  • Get tips for configuration and project management to avoid the most common pitfalls and money-burners and come away with a sample project roadmap

 2) When and how to use custom development to optimise SAP ERP HCM authorisations

Delve into best practises for customising and optimising authorisations to better meet your business requirements and reduce interruption and maintenance. In this session, explore:

  • An overview of authorisation objects, structural authorisations, and context-sensitive authorisations that SAP offers out of the box
  • Customisation options, including Business Add-Ins (BAdIs), function exits, and custom authorisation objects, and guidance on how and when to use each
  • Tips for process design and change management that keep the volume of enhancements to a minimum

3) Increase system agility while reducing maintenance cost for on-premise SAP ERP HCM

This session examines what an organisation can do to make its on-premise SAP ERP HCM system more agile and fit for faster innovation, whilst reducing maintenance cost and improving communication between HR and IT. Attend this session to:

  • Explore techniques to make existing HR business processes leaner for easier system maintenance, including upgrade processes
  • Find out what programming and configuration changes should be avoided more rigorously than others to keep your system agile and low-maintenance
  • Get strategies for managing organisational as well as technical change, including tips for improving user adoption after a process change

4) Panel discussion: The future of SAP ERP HCM – Predictions from the experts

I’m looking forward to being a panel member in this discussion hosted by master entertrainer Martin Gillet.

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