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Video: Enabling Business Growth with SuccessFactors

The bill for running and implementing SuccessFactors Talent Management and HR solutions can be surprisingly low for a company of, say, 400 people (though this surprise may be due to worst expectations about cost) and the return of investment often is to overcome serious barriers for growth.

The cloud model makes even more sense for this market and rapid deployment solutions reduce time to value – an important measure for that group: if an owner-manager decides to go for an Appraisal and Goals solution, it’s because they have a real need – not because it’s nice to have and they are happy to wait for half a year. 

But most importantly, the solution needs to add business value or solve a tangible problem. Fast growing firms in that market often hit invisible barriers that are people related and slow down growth. Whilst they may have invested in cutting edge ERP or CRM systems, they are held back, because they are not set up to manage a workforce of a few hundred as effectively as needed to achieve further growth. 

This video illustrates typical barriers to growth that SuccessFactors solutions can help to overcome:

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