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UKI SAP Usergroup: Payroll SIG 10-09-2015 – Simpler Payroll in SAP

2 Responses
  1. Francisco Martinez

    If you can share the presentation regarding Payroll Control Center it will be really helpful Thanks. I want to understand what the difference between the SSFF version and the HR Renewal 2.0 version or if it is the same and you can implement it in HR Renewal first and the when migrating to SSFF use the same implementation.


    1. Sven Ringling

      Hi Francisco,

      I’ll attach the presentation to the page in a minute.

      In principal the PCC is the same between on-prem and EC cloud payroll, but I’m not sure where there are differences in detail.

      The migration to SF should in any case be reasonably simple, even, if there are some differences. The migration will never be one:one exactly anyway as the nature of EC payroll is still different. You’ll need to review your processes and consider changes like the missing integration to on-prem time management (no sub-schema TC00 any more).

      So, I’d say you can safely implement PCC now and, when you move into the cloud in a year or two, I don’t see a manor barrier in migration (although: 1 year is a long time in the cloud – we can’t be sure what changes will happen by then)

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