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SuccessFactors Release Updates – Delta Content Exams for Partner

5 Responses
  1. Kishore

    Thanks chris for sharing your experience. I have a quick question here.

    i currently holding my SF EC certification. According to the credential manager, course col 63 (Q3 -update was missing). However, Q4 update was available in the learning hub. Can we skip Q3 & take Q4 delta directly.

    1. Sven Ringling

      Hi Kishore,

      the updates are not cummulative, so in Q4 you don’t learn, what you should have learned in Q3.
      Irrespective of whether you need it to keep your certification: if you are half serious about doing a decent job as a consultant, you should invest the 1 hour it takes to go through the documentation for EVERY quarterly update and the 5 minutes for the exam.

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