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SuccessFactors Continuous Performance, because… Your Team are no Planets

Yes, you read it correctly: If you were managing the performance of planet Earth, you might not need a tool like SuccessFactors continuous performance…

If their main task is to circumvent the sun every 365 (odd) days, and if this would have been achieved with impressive consistencies for many, many, many years, then it might be completely sufficient to meet once a year for a performance review and set new objectives for exactly one year going forward.

However, your team members are likely to:

  • have tasks that need to be completed before the next year end or extend beyond it
  • encounter unexpected changes in a business world that re-invents itself at an extremely high frequency for astronomical standards
  • deal with situations they haven’t dealt with a hundred times before, so may benefit from some coaching
  • come up with ideas of their own to make improvements

So, don’t treat your team like planets, but help them to become stars!

SuccessFactors Goals and Performance together with the new Continuous Performance solution support a process and culture of continuous interaction, monitoring, adjustment and performance coaching.

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