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Concur Travel and Expense

With a strong track record in SAP Travel and Expense as well as a history in Concur projects, becoming concur.newa partner for Concur in the UK as well as Germany was only natural for iProCon. Now, we can provide our customers with solutions and advice for their Travel and Expense process, no matter whether they aim for the Concur Cloud service, want to stay with the traditional on-premise solution for a bit longer, or are still undecided and need help in the decision making process.

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What is Concur Travel & Expense?

For an overview of Concur, please check out this page, or get in touch to talk to us.

Complementing Concur’s Service – Enabling the Customer’s Team

Unlike large system integrators, we pride ourselves to focus on the role we can help customers best with, rather than trying to squeeze as much revenue out of a cloud project as we would expect from a traditional on-premise project.

Experience teaches us that the technical deployment Concur delivers, is often not enough for customers. We complement this service to help with any points customers may need extra support in:

  • making basic decisions, e.g. on scope or rollout plan
  • facilitating first meetings and contract negotiations with Concur
  • process design
  • change management, training and communication
  • project management
  • testing
  • global rollout
  • 3rd party integration
  • further configuration, if needed
  • Concur-SAP integration

Integration Between SAP and Concur

As one of the few service partners where the consutant you’ll talk to knows SAP as well as Concur, the interface between both is one of our natural sweetspots:

  • We were one of the first testers in the early adopter program for SAP’s Concur Integration add-on in Q2/2016 and have helped the maturing of the product with our feedback. Now we help customers implementing this integration and we also offer fixed price packages
  • We’ve developed our own interface solution, which can also integrate Concur with SAP Payroll, something check out iProTRIP, our SAP-Concur Integration tool
  • For further integrations, where no bespoke tools are available yet (e.g. with SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central), we can help you to set up file based integration or develop bespoke solutions

We can Help You to  Lead Digital Transformation in Your Organisation with Travel & Expense

So, whether you are looking for a first introduction to Concur, help with early decisions, full project coaching or quick help with a particular issue: we are your partner.

Read this blog about getting the most from your Concur implementation

First Step: Request a Demo

The best start is getting a demo of the system early in your decision process. Click here to request a Concur online demo at no cost.

Some Info about the Concur solution

Concur is the global leader in travel and expense management. They have more than 30,000 customers in 100+ countries. Yes, we as an advisor can bring our clients Concur solutions at an exclusive discount. But it’s the fact that they make it so easy to do everything that has to do with expenses that we like the most.

What Concur does:

Quite simply, they streamline and support the whole process from travel booking to the trip itself to capturing expenses to approval, posting and analytics. As former SAP Travelmanagement consultants we were frankly amazed to see what Concur can do to make life easier for travellers as well as line managers and the travel and expense teams.

Integration with an ever larger number of vendors for direct booking or e-receipts is driving efficiencies even further.

Let us help you to achieve the following with Concur:

Reduce costs

Reduce processing costs significantly while also cutting back on data-entry or user errors and expenses claim delinquencies.

Gain visibility for unique insight

Get real time insight into the current state of your business – reduce fraud, improve supplier negotiations and make smarter decisions to control costs. This applies to the dedicated expense and travel teams, but also to travellers and line managers, who get the right system support to make smarter decisions easily.

Increase Employer Attractiveness

Pay your employees faster by decreasing your processing time. Give them flexibility with a mobile app that lets them submit and approve expenses on the move; anytime, anywhere. And improve compliance with corporate T&E policy – or reduce costs by giving them a price-to-beat with clever incentivisation.

It’s amazing, what empowered business travellers can achieve. Not only does the full Concur solution family take some of the chore out of travelling, but it can also unearth hidden savings, where old-school-thinking expects hidden cost.

Streamline VAT reclaim

Want to get as much VAT back from the tax man as possible? Partnering with Concur allows us to give you direct, consistent access to the leading VAT recovery solution in the market. They even guarantee compliance with HMRC rules. The result: a sophisticated and efficient VAT reclaim process on travel and entertainment expenses for your business.

Reclaim foreign VAT easily

With the right Concur partner service you can reclaim foreign VAT with all the work done by the service partner. If you don’t have a process in place for foreign VAT reclaim yet, this service can often be higher than the Concur subscription fee, effectively making the whole T&E software free for you.