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Concur-SAP-Integration Add-on: Fixed Price Package

Get your Concur-SAP interface up and running: no hassle, no risk

We’ve sat down with Concur to define an attractive fixed price package for you to set up the new standard integration add-on between SAP ERP and Concur Travel and Expense. Whether you are using Concur and need to improve on SAP integration or considering Concur and the SAP ERP interface is an important decision criterion for you: get in touch now or keep reading.

At iProCon we are service partners at SAP as well as Concur so we know both sides, and understand your Travel & Expense process as well as the technology. Our team has implemented SAP Travelmanagement since 1997 and Concur since 2010, and we aspire to help you to establish a world class T&E process, not just deploy a piece of technology.

What does the SAP standard integration add-on comprise?

The SAP Integration add-on for Concur is a standard solution you can obtain from the SAP Service Marketplace, but don’t worry: we can help you with that as well. It comprises 3 major elements:

  • interface replicating financial master data from SAP ERP to Concur (cost centres, WBS elements, etc.)
  • interface replicating HR master data from SAP HCM to Concur
  • interface for posting expense records from Concur to SAP ERP including feedback loop

What do you get from our fixed price package?

Scope and complexity of requirements can vary a lot between customers, so we offer the package in two sizes S and M to pay justice to each customer. Both packages assume it’s a new Concur implementation (existing ones may need special consideration depending on the legacy set-up) and a remote delivery requiring remote access to your system and requirements gathering via conference calls and emails supported by our templates.

If you need more help to design your target architecture and determine requirements, a half day on-site workshop can be added for GBP 950 + expenses + VAT (extra travel time may be charged outside the UK, Ireland and Germany).

In our first call, we’ll establish which of the packages serves you best. If need be, we can also create a bespoke one for you and this doesn’t necessarily mean it’s more expensive.

Package S: Concur-SAP integration for GBP 3400 + VAT

This Package includes 5 characteristics:

  • One SAP FI/CO system/client
  • One SAP HCM system/client
  • One company code
  • One posting variant ( i.e. the logic to assign GL accounts / symbolic accounts, vendor mapping, line item text, posting date and cost object type)
  • Plus one joker, i.e. a second option for any of the above (e.g. an extra company code or SAP system)
  • We also throw in smaller BAdI programming activities of max 2 hours, to cover bespoke logic not feasible with simple field mapping.

Package M: Concur-SAP integration for GBP 8500

This Package includes 13 characteristics:

  • 3 SAP FI/CO Systems/clients
  • 1 SAP HCM System/client
  • 3 company codes
  • 3 posting variants
  • 3 Jokers
  • BAdI programming of max 6 hours

Prerequisites for the fixed price integration

  • Your SAP systems must be able to connect to your Concur instance via SSl through your firewall
  • The work is done remotely with system access for our consultants incl. conference calls and screen share, where necessary. We can make a bespoke offer for on-site work, but this will often lead to delays and extra cost when the consultants have to wait for technical prerequisites (e.g.authorisations) to be given
  • Authorisations need to be provided as needed (Basis incl. RFC, HCM, FI/CO, ABAP development
  • Approvers in Concur are determined via standard relationships in SAP Orgmanagement or via any infotype field holding the personnel number of the approver. A different custom logic requires custom programming and possible modification
  • If symbolic accounts are used (recommended), the customer captures the assignment symbolic account to GL account after an introduction by our consultant (table T030)
  • Before we start with the implementation, all scenarios need to work via manual posting in SAP FI/CO. If this is not the case, the interface obviously can’t work and your SAP FI/CO configuration needs to be fixed first. We use the posting documents of your successful manual tests as requirements definition.

Constraints of the Fixed Price Package

  • The current integration add-on doesn’t integrate with payroll. We can offer an interface from Concur into SAP Payroll via our iProTRIP Concur integration solution
  • Reimbursement of expenses via accounts payable
  • No integration with Concur Invoice (is included in the integration add-on and can be added as a bespoke service)
  • Observe the features included in the current version of the native integration add-on. Some variants (like posting of Australian Fringe Benefits Tax) are not available in the first version, but are on the roadmap for the near future. We may also be able to overcome some constraints via BAdI programming, but that would require case-by-case assessment.

Please get in touch if you want to learn more. We can set up a call to discuss the best solution for your project.

If you need further help with your Concur implementation from project planning and process design to change management and training to 3rd party integration, we are your Partner in Europe.