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SAP Travel and Expense: 2015 expectations for Concur

2 Responses
  1. Seosamh Mahon

    Thanks for the posting – we are looking at implementing Concur on a ECC6 FICO system which includes HCM.
    Would you be able to provide a guideline for the internal resource/time we should anticipate for implementation purposes e.g. ABAP 5 days; FICO 10 days, etc.? based on your internal implementation would be fine.
    As you say, integration with SAP seems to be in early days and there doesn’t appear to be a lot of information around on this aspect.

    1. Sven Ringling

      Hi Seosamh,

      this depends completemy on your context and requirements. There is a standard integration with FICO available already, if you are happy to use DELL Boomi and Idocs, but you may have more complex needs and require integration with HR master data, Orgstructure data, payroll, SAP CATS,…
      And then: implementation doesn’t only require integration, but you need to define, configure and train your Concur based processes, as well.
      The effort also tends to be lower for small organisations, as you can be more pragmatic with 50 employees than with 50,000 and each country adds complexity as well.

      Our own implementation is probably not very relevant for you, as our UK team are only 5 people – so, a completely different kettle of fish from a corporate deployment. But for reference: it took one week and 6 hours from my time plus 1 from our accountant :-)

      I can give you one different example:
      I project managed a Concur (travel booking as well as expenses) rollout for 2000 people in 10 countries in 3 months. The project also included SAP integration with the credit card provider, rollout of new credit cards and a new global TMC.
      Apart from teh Concur people, the customer had:
      – a 75% project manager
      – a 100% change / workforce communication manager
      – 2 people from the finance / expense team with ca. 25% each
      – 20 days of SAP recources for config changes and interfaces
      – 30 users accross all locations contributimng a few hours per week during user acceptance test
      – a 100% project office support resource, who also did some of the customer side COncur configuration
      – help desk as a service from Concur from go-life day
      – custom e-trainings designed by and procured from Concur
      – various other resources from Finance, HR, Legal, IT, local facilitie steams etc. for a few hours or days here and there

      This sounds like a lot, but be aware that the smallest part of these resources were directly related to the technical Concur implementation. It was mostly about defining and communicating processes, helping users, getting the physical credit cards to people, discussing contracts with Concur, the TMC, the credit card firm,…

      But: if you switch to Concur, you are likely to have a lot of those same changes as well, as you won’t be able to get the full benefit out of it.

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