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PY:GB New UK Holiday Pay Technical Solution in SAP HR Payroll

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  1. Purandhar

    Hi Hannah,

    We are trying to implement advance holiday pay for our weekly employees and not quite sure how this works as there is no proper instructions to implement for UK payroll i,e, where to input the holiday pay, how to calculate using averages etc.,

    I have found some solution exists for Irish Payroll as per the link below, where I am trying to achieve same for UK payroll, please advise your inputs.


    1. Hi Purandhar,

      The AHP for Ireland is not relevant and so will not help you here.

      What you need; is to build a standard average for GB Payroll in customizing. There is lots of documentation available in SAP help and online for building an average; so look for that and it will help you. Or take a look at our solution brochure here


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