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How would a change, say in pension, affect my payslip?

Whether it’s a change in pension contribution, new working time or adding a child care voucher. Figuring out, what exactly the impact of a change would be for an employee is part of a payroll admin’s everyday job and doing it quickly and every time is part of a good service.

  • Are you still going through the hassle of copying a case into your test system to change data and run simulations there? Only to find out that data scrambling or differences in configuration lead to wrong results?
  • Or are you making temporary data changes in production to answer empoyee requests? Dreading the day you forget to change it back resulting in a problem in live payroll?
  • Use iProSIM to take pain as well as risk out of as-if simulations. The tool makes it so easy, you’ll realise your payroll team will use it more and more often to deliver a better, more effective service.
  • Or go one step further and empower your employees to run as-if simulations themselves in ESS (Employee Self Service).

As-if simulations in SAP Payroll with iProSIM

This tool helps you to

  • make payroll services simpler, safer and more efficient in SAP HR
  • empower employees
  • improve  service
iProSIM UK can be enhanced for further countries upon request


Price for iProSIM UK: GBP 5,500 + VAT


Benefits of an as-if-simulation tool

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