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What is Concur Travel and Expense?

Concur is a cloud based solution to improve process automation, integration and analytics across Travel and Expense processes, while providing a modern user experience and comprehensive mobile support

Concur is now SAP’s solution for your Travel and Expense, having been acquired by SAP in 2014. If you are using on-premise SAP FI-TV, you should start to plan your transition, as FI-TV will not be available in S/4 Hana and eventually support will be stopped. On the other side, Concur is the solution where investment and innovation happen. The new standard integration generally available from September 2016 makes it easier to integrate Concur with SAP FI and HR.

Concur Components

Concur comprises the following main solutions:

  • Expense management
  • Travel, a booking engine
  • Travel Request
  • Analysis / Intelligence
  • Invoice, a solution to manage incoming invoices not otherwise connected to Travel and Expense

Concur Expense

Concur Expense is a cloud based expense management, including secure mobile access for your on the go employees, company card and electronic receipts integrations. Employees can create and submit all their expenses from their smartphones (or PCs, if they prefer), and managers can then reject or approve the claims also on the go. Your finance team can then perform a final review and process the expenses to be posted to your financial system (e.g. to SAP through the new direct integration) and paid, and even billed to customers based on project assignments.

The configurable user interface and audit rules help to make the job easy for employees and line managers, as do integration to 3rd party apps and services, like automatic e-receipts, VAT recovery or audit services.

Concur Travel

Concur Travel allows your employees to book their own travel through one single portal or mobile app, comprising of your travel agency as well as direct bookings with various travel vendors. Your Concur configuration reflects your policy, so travellers as well as approving line managers are guided as to what’s allowed, what needs special approval and what is ruled out of policy completely. The solution also reduces the burden for approvers, as you can define exactly whan an approval is required and make sure they have all the information they need at their fingertips.

Booking everything through Concur creates the perfect basis for analytics, so you have the information you need to improve compliance, reduce spend and negotite the best rates with vendors.

If you include the Concur Messaging component, you can build on the information by providing your travellers with the relevant information based on their location. From tips for the best local taxi service, to crucial safety advice and you can even reach them in case of security alerts like natural disasters. Integration with further apps, most notably your intelligent, mobile itinerary Tripit Pro, makes travellers’ lives just a bit easier.

Concur Request

The Request module allows for employees to request line manager approval for a trip before they book. It can be used together with Travel as well as Expense only and covers the usual workflow needs. It is also often used to request an advance.

Analysis / Intelligence

Both Travel and Expense come with an Analysis component, comprising standard reports and the option to build your own reports.

The Intelligence module can be added for advanced reporting options, dashboards and an even larger number of out-of-the-box reports.

App and Services Ecosystem

Concur excels at integrating with a large variety of vendors to provide e-receipts, direct travel booking, audits, automated data gathering, information and help for travellers, and much more.

Explore the options and you’ll realise that Concur’s tag lines “The Connected Journey” and “The Expense report that writes itsself” are not very far from the truth.

Business Value

When done right, implementing Concur can create significant business value and we’d be happy to discuss this with you for your bespoke context and business objectives. Here are a few points to consider

  • Increasing process efficiency for travellers as well as finance professionals
  • Reducing spend through rule based guidance, analytics, reduced TMC booking fees
  • Improving compliance for both internal T&E policies and legislative adherence by implanting rules and audit directly in Concur.
  • Maximise tax reclaims, both internal with efficient Concur design, and foreign using Concur partners.
  • Driving job satisfaction and engagement for frequent travelers, who at long last feel that their employer makes travelling easier for them rather than just imposing more and more rules and tasks onto them
  • Easy to use mobile apps to optimise expense processing from employee expense entry and claiming, through to managerial approvals, all on mobile and tablet apps.
  • Join the paperless revolution; no more hanging on to old scraps of paper or having to store them in a cupboard somewhere.
  • Contribute to a culture that supports Digital Transformation, because employees see some of their most tedious day to day tasks made much simpler through digitalisation

How we can help you

Talk to us today to see how Concur can benefit your organisation!

We can help you realize these benefits with service offering services and support across:

  • Helping you with your decision process and implementation planning
  • Live demos across the Travel and Expense modules
  • Support your team in your Concur implementation across project management and support, testing, process design, training
  • SAP integration options; a fixed price package to help you implement the standard SAP integration solution or SAP Payroll integration with out iProTrip solution
  • Intelligence/Analysis Reporting training
  • Consultancy services to make sure that you make the most of your Concur implementation ‘Making Concur work for SMEs’

Keep up to date on Concur developments and top tips with our Concur blog