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Podcast: How project management changes, when moving to SAP+cloud Hybrid HR solutions

The international SAP HCM Insights Team, including the director of iProCon UK, published a podcast about how project management is different in a hybrid HCM solution (e.g. SAP HR + Successfactors) compared to a pure on-premise context.

In a lively discussion the team starts with a few words about „ooops“-moments like the realisation that the typical attitude of an experienced SAP HCM consultant („in case of last minute surprises you can somehow always get around roadblocks with custom coding incl. modifications, if only you have enough coffee and pizza for the night“) won’t work any more, when he gets to the point where the coding that needs changing is in the cloud part of the hybrid solution.

They also complain that change management often gets reduced in a cloud context, when it actually needs rather morevof it than annon-premise implementation and about the fact that some traditional large System Integrators only seem to be paying lip services to the new cloud philosophy, but really try to stick to old delivery models selling as many hours to clients for a cloud implementation as they would for on-premise.

The team also looks into typical cloud deployment methodologies, which are quite different from traditional ASAP (more agile, more customer friendly, less CR ,friendly“) and how particularly at the boundaries between the on-premise and cloud elements interfaces, roles and methodologies can clash.

Well, and much more… Just load the podcast onto your player and listen in during your next gym session or flight:

The ca. 30 min Podcast is available on iTunes (search for „SAP HCM Insights“) or on the insights podcast homepage

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