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New SAP Mentors for August 2016 – Including One of Our Very Own!

3 Responses
  1. Jeff Stilp

    We are in the beginning stages of Concur. We have SAP Payroll and want to make all employee travel and expense payments on their biweekly payroll check and a simple line item on the remittance stub. Then we want to send back to Concur the payment details.
    Is this process possible and is it difficult to interface?

    Thank you

    1. Sven Ringling

      Hi Jeff,

      the current standard integration doesn’t offer payroll integration yet. I probably will some time in future, but not yet sure when and what teh scope will be.
      I’d assume it woudl do what you want, except for the feedback. The finance interface gives the info back THAT it has been posted, so I assume the payroll interface to give back THAT it has been sent to payroll. But usually that’s all that needs to be known in Concur, because the employee will see on their actual payslip, when it has been paid. Same as in payroll: you provide the payslip – probably online on ESS in this day and age, but usually don’t send an extra notification that salary has been paid.
      Maybe taking a step back and looking at the new process in th elight of the new system helps – obviously I don’t know your full context.

      If you need payroll integration now, there are options for custom solutions. iProCon also offer a template based package quite a few customers are currently using – check this out:

      hope this helps

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