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New Option for Global Subsidiaries: Side-by-Side Integration for SAP HCM and SuccessFactors

Recently, quite a few SAP HCM customers preparing or running a global rollout for core HR (e.g. some personnel master data plus Organisational Management) told us they are confused about the new cloud based options and whether they should go ahead with global integration or wait and see, whether a corporate decision to move core HR onto SuccessFactors might be made. Either way, a delay in global integration of several years could easily result. The new integration option presented by SAP at the SAP Insider conference HR2014 in Nice could be a good way out and forward for those customers, who aim at the cloud for their long term solution anyway.

Whilst the focus for integration between on-premise SAP HCM and SuccessFactors was on the Talent Hybrid models. Those support a customer using on-premise core HR when the implement one of several Talent Management processes in Successfactors.

It has now been announced that the SuccessFactors Core HR solution, Employee Central, can be run side by side with SAP HCM in a new integration model being available from August 2014 onwards in several delivery phases. The most important integration points are:

  • Line managers can access teams via MSS, even if some of their employees records are kept in the cloud and others on-premise. This also includes work items for workflows etc.
  • Global reporting: it will be possible to run reports across the global workforce, even if their core data is split between SAP HCM and SuccessFactors

I immediately loved this idea, because the integration addresses two of the most important drivers for global integration, so customers with a cloud based long term strategy would not have to wait until the core-countries have moved into the cloud before they can get these benefits from a global rollout.

The basic design of the integration is illustrated in this slide presented by Heike Kolar in Nice today:

Side-by-side-Scenario_SAP-HCM-Successfactors© SAP AG

So, you can see it allows for one set of employees to have their master records in SuccessFactors EC and another set in SAP HCM on-premise. The relevant data is available for reporting etc. on both ends. The detailed design is still not finally announced, but SAP is going to share more soon, so watch this space. Given the recent speed of development of all things related to Employee Central, we can expect this integration to be a mature solution very soon. So far, 71 countries are supported with localisation and more are added in every quarterly update.

If you are currently considering your SAP HCM international rollout strategy, why not get in touch so we can discuss your options and help your decision making. iProCon is partnering with a very experienced SuccessFactors consultancy, so we can give you the best advice from both worlds.

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