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iProCon Newsletter 2017-03

Content Overview

  • Message from the team
  • HR/HRIS Strategy
    touching on Cloud HCM support models and the Myth of Talent shortage
  •  Payroll
    A Podcast about SAP payroll and pauroll-options for customers with SuccessFactors
  • SuccessFactors
    Covering a wide range of topics including our favourites like reporting, release updates and training/certifications. Other articles touch Performance & Goals and the new Extension Centre.
  • Concur
    An updated version of our much shared guidance for scope and project management as well as a focus on integration
  • Techie Tips
    Touching UI5 and usefull CATS BAdIs

Message from the Team

It’s been an exciting time for the iProCon team since our last newsletter:

  • We’ve just finished SAP PRESS‘ first book about Concur, which is our excuse for not having blogged that much recently
  • organised a 2 days SuccessFactors Demo event (powerpoint free!) in London for 27/28 April,
  • and not to forget SAP HCM on-premise customers have come up with an idea for a special offering for overseas companies, who want to rollout SAP HR, most notably payroll to the UK, as we found even experienced global teams often hit some of the pitfalls. And with most of our UK customers actually being subsidiaries of US, German or Asian corporates, seems we have a bit of a sweet spot there. So, if you are considering or planning a rollout to the UK or Ireland, please get in touch.

Other current focus topics for our team are on SuccessFactors Employee Central; SuccessFactors governance and management of continuous innovation; digital transformation; some cool innovation in Recruiting UX (watch this space!); and reporting in Concur, as well as SuccesFactors. So expect some more exciting content on our blog soon – and this includes on-premise, most notably payroll.

Your next opportunity to meet us out and about will be in Johannesburg, South Africa, when Sven Ringling speaks about Digital Transformation as well as SuccessFactors Employee Central at the “Mastering HR and Payroll with SAP Solutions” event.

HR/HRIS Strategy

Ideas On Structuring Your Cloud HCM Support Model (Podcast)

In this SAP HCM Insights podcast the team talk about how support models differ for SuccessFactors and cloud compared to on-premise. Is there an ideal support model? How do roles and responsibilities change for HR, IT and Finance? How does a company’s relationship with consulting partners and outsourcing firms change? Find out more…

The Myth of the Talent Shortage (Podcast)

Jon Reed of Diginomica joins us for this discussion on the myth of the talent shortage. We hear it all the time – there is a talent shortage. But is there really? Or is it that employers are not creative enough in their search for talent? Find out more…


All About Payroll (SAP HCM Insights Podcast)

This one is all about payroll in SAP and SuccessFactors – on-premise payroll, Employee Central Payroll and Managed Payroll. Find out more…

PCP0 – Improving Performance of Posting Run Selection

Starting transaction PCP0 (Display and Process Posting Runs) can take an annoyingly long time. The reason for this performance issue is that the system reads data from all posting runs every time, no matter which filters are pre-defined. Find out more…


SAP SuccessFactors goes Cinema: Event in London

Have you ever felt, Powerpoint presentations, sales pitches and recorded mini-demos fail to make you really understand, what using the new HR solution would feel like in real  life? Then our SuccessFactors Demo event on 27/28 April in London is for you. It’s like cinema, but with the cast answering your questions after the film. Find out more…

10 YouCalc Tips & Tricks – SuccessFactors Reporting

YouCalc Dashboards or sometimes also called “Dashboard 2.0” are visual reports in SuccessFactors. Some of these reports are pre-delivered, while others are developed by partners. These visual reports have a pretty nice design and can be used as a Tile on the “Home” Page or as a Dashboard under the “Analytics” Tab.
Find 5 YouCalc Tips for Beginners…

…and 5 YouCalc Tips for Experts

How to Organise SuccessFactors Support + Updates? (Podcast)

Once SuccessFactors customers get beyond one or two Talent modules in one country, or when they implement Employee Central, the question of SuccessFactors governance usually shoots up high on the agenda. Concepts used in the on-premise world don’t usually fit, but the initial gung-ho approach to cloud is also falling short. This podcast has some of the most experienced consultants discussing options for customers. Find out more…

Can your HRD now build Screens in SuccessFactors Extension Centre?

The extension centre makes it easier than ever to build new applications in SuccessFactors — and definitely easier than it was in on-premise SAP HCM. So, is it simple enough for your HR Director to run with it to build the transactions he asks for himself? Find out more…

SuccessFactors Release Updates – Delta Content Exams for Partner

Recently I wrote two articles about SuccessFactors Release Updates. Today I want to answer some questions for our implementation Partners, because just 2 weeks ago SuccessFactors Education release some news regards the Delta Content and Exams in order to keep your Certification. Some questions are still open but I am sure this article will help you to understand the new announcement. Find out more…

SuccessFactors Release Updates – How to keep track

SAP updates modules of the SuccessFactors suite four times a year. It’s not easy to keep track with all the updates, bug fixes and new features. I talked with several customers, who find it challenging to review all the information and some don’t even know where to find them. I want to write this article to explain all about the SuccessFactors Release Updates:

SuccessFactors Release Updates Part 1

SuccessFactors Release Updates Part 2

SuccessFactors Performance Management: Upgrading to PMv12 Acceleration

Most SuccessFactors Performance Management customers should have had definite information on recent reminders announced by SAP concerning the official end of maintenance for early versions PMv11, PMv12 and GMv11 in Q2 2018, and end of life planned for 2019. Find out more…

SuccessFactors Continuous Performance, because… Performance Review is not Christmas Day

So what have Performance Review and Christmas in common? Right: nothing. That’s why the performance review should not come with any surprises… Find out more…

SuccessFactors Continuous Performance, because… Your Team are no Planets

Yes, you read it correctly: If you were managing the performance of planet Earth, you might not need a tool like SuccessFactors continuous performance… Find out more…

Governance and change management in SAP SuccessFactors (Podcast)

Governance and change management are as important as ever with SAP SuccessFactors HCM. Just because it’s cloud software doesn’t mean you can dial back on these things – in fact, we feel they might be more important than in the on-premise days (quarterly releases!). Join Steve Bogner, Brandon Toombs, Amy Grubb, Mark Ingram, Sven Ringling and Martin Gillet as they dive into these topics and more on this SAP HCM Insights Podcast. Find out more…


Understanding Concur Travel and Expense with the New SAP PRESS Book

Concur is the market leading Travel and Expense solution globally and following the acquisition by SAP is gaining quickly in hitherto smaller markets outside North America. However, it hasn’t been easy to find information about the solution beyond Concur’s own communication.
Whether you are just implementing Concur, already using it and interested to get more value out of it, or still in the decision making phase, the SAP PRESS book “Concur: Travel and Expense Management with SAP” will help you. Find out more…

Concur Travel and Expense: Getting the Most from Your Concur Implementation

You’re considering implementing Concur Travel and Expense? Brilliant! You have the opportunity to really add value to your Travel and Expense process and reduce cost at the same time. Emphasis on “opportunity” as opposed to “guarantee”. Whilst the majority of Concur projects are successful, there is a real risk that you are losing out on the full business benefits. Read more…

Video Demo: Posting Expenses with the Direct Concur-SAP Integration

The new direct integration has been available for all customers since early September, following a 5 months ramp-up phase. For a feature overview and a live video demo read on…

Techie Tips

Converting SAPUI5 JS Views into XML

When searching for code examples for SAPUI5 applications, you quickly find many. Often, however, examples are written in JavaScript rather than XML — and therefore not easy to use if you have been building your SAPUI5 application with XML Views. The SAPUI5 Diagnostics, a support tool that can be called from any SAPUI5 application, provides a generic conversion tool. Find out more…

CATS: Changing Target Hours

In Cross-Application Timesheets, enhancement CATP0001 lets you set your own target hours for the Time Sheet. However this completely stops the default reading of target hours; if the enhancement returns even one line of target hours, none of the default reading will take place. So, how can you change the Target Hours, starting with the default hours as a base? Read on…

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