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Integration of SuccessFactors in SAP HCM Talent Management

With the acquisition of SuccessFactors SAP can now offer a cloud based solution for Talent Management comprising the following processes:

  • Performance & Goals (objective settings and appraisals)
  • Succession and development
  • Recruiting
  • Learning
  • Jam (social talent management using social media and social media type tools)

Apart from Talent Management the following components are included in the Successfactors on-demand HCM solution:

  • Workforce planning
  • Compensation Management
  • Workforce analytics
  • Mobile scenarios

And last but not least Successfactor ‚Employee Central‘ offers a core HR solution. However, this solution is much leaner than SAP HCM core HR and would in most cases not be used alongside SAP HCM, so probably not likely to be relevant for SAP HCM users looking for a complementing cloud solution to integrate with their existing SAP on-premise platform.

To get the most out of SuccessFactors‘ onDemand solution, when used together with SAP HCM (e.g. for core HR and Payroll), some data needs to be transferred from SAP to SuccessFactors (e.g. personnel master data and org struture). For this data integration SAP provides a first version of a standardised interface with Integration add-on 1.0. This interface is composed of several ABAP programs for extracting, evaluating and transferring data providing the following features:

  • a unified extraction logic including a pre-defined field mapping between SAP HCM and Successfactorsand sample implementations for calculating fields (e.g. finding the line manager of an employee)
  • 29 pre-defined data fields. Which fields are actually required depends on the Successfactors modules used. Some fields are already classified as mandatory and are therefore always transferred.
  • 15 custom fields to be filled via BAdI
  • a BAdI to overwrite the content of the pre-defined fields
  • creating and transferring a csv file from SAP HCM to Successfactors

The fact that the integration between SAP HR and Successfactors is nothing more than a unidirectional csv transfer has disappointed many users. Many processes can require a bi-directional interface (e.g. transferring data from Successfactors Performance & Goals to SAP core HR to create infotypes with the respective bonus wagetypes). At this point in time, such a requirement still requires custom programming.

However, SAP has already announced further integration add-ons to improve data as well as process integration between SAP HR and Successfactors:

  • Add-on 2.0 (probably Q3 20012):
    Provides delta-handling, i.e. only data that actually changed, rather than teh full set of employee data, will be transferred in every integration run – very important for customers with a lare workforce
  • Add-on 3.0 (probably Q4 2012)
    Making the interface bi-directional by offering some fields to be transferred from Successfactors to SAP HCM
  • Add-on 4.0 (2013)
    Including the recruitment process into the integration pack
    Including positions and candidates
  • Add-on 5.0 (2013)
    content still open

For data transfer csv files can be pgp encrypted and transferred via ftp or sftp protocols. In the long run the vendor aims at providing an integration not depending on periodic file transfer. SAP and Successfactors are also working on process integration features on top of the data integration described. Once this is implemented, users can go through browser-based processes switching between both platforms without really realising it.

Apart from the interface, the integration pack also comprises:

  1. an integration guide for setting up single sign on and
  2. new analytical extractors for personnel planning (Workforce Planning and Analytics)

Officially, add-on 1.0 has been in ramp-up until end of July and should now be available for all customers.

Click here to find more information on SAP SuccessFactors integration package 1.0

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