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Ingredients for a SAP HR Global Template

This document collates together the slides of a presentation on the subject of „Ingredients for a SAP HR Global Template“ given at our iProCon London 2012 Conference; a collection of the advice and experiences of Sven Ringling and Jörg Edinger of iProCon from various SAP HR global template roll-outs.

We will be having another Conference in May this year, if you are interested in finding out more, please visit our page on iProConference SAP HCM – 6/7 May 2015 in London.

  • The Purpose: what it should do for you
  • Prerequisites : before you start
  • Key Ingredients: what you shouldn’t go without
  • Configuration: a sample of pitfalls an tips
  • Custom Development: more pitfalls and tips
  • A word about roll-out projects

Ingredients of a SAP HCM Global Template

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