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HR Reporting and Analytics in SuccessFactors – Part 1

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  1. Nicky

    How do I remove multiple lines for Employees and how do I add an As of Date prompt at the start of the report? I am trying to report on information on our employees as of today only and dont want multiple lines per employee (i.e. historic records)?

    1. 1. Multiple lines of employees > Check function „Distinct“ and also if there are table joins. Sometimes it makes sense to have multiple lines of an Employee. You have more options with ORD.

      2. Filter > Go to Filter Section and Select the Date Filter as Prompted.

  2. susheel thakur

    find very helpful and various tools seem to be very intuitive to meet desired customer expectations for standard. Adhoc reporting ! Wish to see more post like this one…

  3. Rommel

    Hi Chris. Nice article. I’m looking forward to reading your next articles. I have a question please. Is it possible to a scheduled reporting in Ad hoc reporting? In my EC training, we can do it in ORD but not sure in ad hoc. Please advise. Thanks.

    1. Yes, you can do this via the Quartz Scheduling Tool in Provisioning. You create a scheduled job using the type „Ad Hoc Reports Export“ and then select the user/report that needs to be run. The job will show up under the Scheduled Reports section when they go to Reports/Analytics in SuccessFactors. You can also set the job to be exported to the FTP server.

      Please note that this will only make the report available to one person, so you can’t set it to run the report for a group of people at the same time.

  4. Elio DAmore

    Its a coincise, real and clear overview of what tools SF provide to produce what kind of HR report, Im looking forward to read the coming deep dives.
    Thanks for sharing this valuable work!

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