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How to run the new time sheet (HR-forms) without authorisation for infotype 0008

When you implement the new time sheet based on HR-Forms technology, you’ll realise that the system demands authorisation for infotype 0008. However, you’d usually not want to grant the rights to see salary data to all time admins.

The reason for this problem is that the time sheet uses the same data as the payslip. Granting rights just for the printing program for the timesheet in authorisation object P_ABAP doesn’t work either due to the particular nature of this program. However, you can easily make it work, by implementing BAdI HRFORM_HRF02 with filter set to the printing program. No need to add any coding to the methods: they can remain empty.

Once that’s done, you can use the usual trick of adding the report into P_ABAP with simplification degree „1“ and the name of the ABAP as well as an P_ORGIN with the respective infotype (here: 0008) and a non-existing personnel area:
Alternatively, if you are happy to open up access to all infotypes for that particular program, you can use simplification degree „2“ in P_ABAP and you won’t need any special record of authorisation object P_ORGIN.

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