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HCM Insights Podcast: The Challenge of Big Changes to Live SAP HCM Systems

The international SAP HCM Insights Team, including the director of iProCon UK, published a new Podcast session. The experts discuss the challenges customers are facing, when they need to make massive changes to existing systems, comprising amongst other topics

  • Underestimated complexity
  • Standardisation
  • Change challenges for newly intergrated units, but also for central HR and IT
  • Testing

Typical examples for this kind of projects can be international rollouts, consolidation of multiple systems or ESS/MSS rollouts, where corporate culture, national culture, and vested interests add quite a bit to the technology and process challenge. The 38 min Podcast session is available on iTunes:

In this context you can also see a presentation from iProCon at the HR2013 Europe conference in Amsterdam: Thursday 13. June, 13:15 – 14:30 Sven Ringling is presenting“ Proven change management strategies to ensure a successful transition to a global SAP ERP HCM platform“

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