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Can finance users or HR from other subsidiaries see your salary in the DME?

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  1. Liew

    I was searching for a solution to a DME authorization problem and found this very interesting article, thanks for the sharing.

    I have a similar but yet a different issue. The 2 HR users are from the same company, 1 handle top management payroll and the other handle normal staff payroll (controlled by payroll area and employee subgroup using object p_orgin). There is no problem to control their access in Pre-DME but unfortunately it is not the case in payment program SAPFPAYM due to the powerful P_ABAP access given.

    Do you have any suggestion to resolve this issue? I really appreciate any help you can provide.

    1. Sven Ringling

      as you don’t want to differentiate by company code, but EE subarea and/or payroll area, you may need a custom function module to add in table view V_DFPM_AUTH

    2. Liew

      Thanks for your reply.

      I tried the custom function module but unfortunately the parameters that passed in to this FM are only the following fields:

      Laufd – Date on Which the Program Is to Be Run
      Laufi – Additional Identification
      Xvorl – Indicator: Only Proposal Run?
      zbukr – Paying company code
      DOrigin – Grouping Origin
      Uname – user who has run the pre-DME

      EE subarea and payroll area are not included, neither it has pernr number.

      I guess I have to explore some other ways, probably a customized payment program.

  2. antoine

    Hello there:

    Well, thank you very much for this Sven… even though I accidentally came by this post; it actually is solving an issue I had!

    Giving P_ABAP to users for payroll payment was not really convincing since P_ABAP is so powerful.

    This F_PAYRQ object just made them go away.


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