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An iProConference view from a Cloudy Perspective

On the 6/7th of May was the 2015 iProConference, where our team and selected Partners spoke about various topics related to SAP HCM and the „new“ Cloud world. I am pleased to give you a brief overview and my own personal impressions from the Conference being a brand new member of the UK team. If you want to get to know more about the content, sessions or information from the event, please take a look here. I am looking forward to the next iProConference and hope my impressions will help you to decide to be part of the next event.

iProConference 2015
iProConference 2015

First of all I want to introduce myself to give you an understanding of my background and thoughts about the event. As mentioned above, I am a new employee with the iProCon team in UK. My name is Chris Wilpert, originally from Germany. In 2013, I started getting familiar with SuccessFactors (SF) choosing Employee Central (EC) as my main module from the wide range of the SuccessFactors Business Suite. Employee Central was one of the harder modules with the range of working regulations in my native Germany. That’s why I got involved in some Recruiting Management (RM) and Goals & Performance (G&P) projects as well. Additionally I worked on some smaller projects in Platform Reporting (YouCalc Dashboard Builder). I have taken some time away from SF and not been involved in any SF Projects in the last few months. Now, I am hoping the market is ready for EC

I was happy with the opportunity to be part of this event as I would get to know my UK colleagues, see some of the SF modules again in partner sessions, finally get a big picture and feedback from companies of what they are actually thinking of EC. I think everyone guessed that I would mostly join the SF sessions. I was overwhelmed when Amy Grubb, Cloud Consulting Partners, gave an amazing session Introduction to SuccessFactors HCM, free from the usual marketing material, smart and covered the all the basics of SF really well. Again, knowing that I have been out of the SF market for a while, I am not surprised to see all the SF modules are getting better and better. I am most impressed with G&P, which is looking more awesome and so easy to work with. As a customer you can administer most of your roadmap and fields for your own implementation, now. That’s a huge benefit for clients as you can deal with some of your own issues via „Admin Tools“.

Back to Employee Central… Jyoti Sharma, VP in Consulting & Services | Cloud HCM, from our strong Partner HRIZONS, had several sessions; Employee Central – the core HR solution in the cloud and Implementing SuccessFactors Employee Central which gave me a great overview of the current status of EC. The good thing is that there are more and more companies implementing EC as their new core HR solution. Unfortunately,  there are a lot of customers, which are afraid of taking such a big step from SAP on Premise to the Cloud. The reluctance to make such a step is understandable, and EC is developing so fast that it just needs some more time to get into an IT Strategy Road Map. But any concerns over such a move to Cloud is far outweighed by the exciting innovations and benefits that SF offers. In my Opinion 80-90% of the market will move to Cloud Solutions in the next 10 years anyway.

Surprisingly a lot of customers I heard and spoke to at iProConference already had at least one module of the SuccessFactors BizX Suite. That’s why I already put the new in quote signs. I don’t think you can say Cloud is a new topic for companies anymore. In the last 1-3 years a lot of companies have jumped on board with the smart SF solutions. Mostly picking a talent module like Recruiting Management, Goals & Performance and, recently, Learning. I am pretty sure if your company implements more than 2-3 modules in SF, you will need to think about Employee Central to leverage the full power of the SF suite. At least with the power of the Meta Data Framework (MDF), EC is as strong as any other HCM System and still flexible enough to meet most client needs.

All in all it was a great event. iProConference 2015 was not crowded but had several experts and companies of a really high quality with the opportunity to network and exchange experiences throughout. For me personally, it was a huge benefit to attend, because I got a great impression of the current market, customer needs and the system itself. It wasn’t one of these marketing events, where you just get all the good stuff to hear. I won’t leave this article with some marketing quotes or how amazing iProCon is, but I want to thank all the team and the attendees for welcoming me (if they know it or not). Again for all things, which written in the article I want to underline that this is my personal view and my own impression of the market and all the other things I mentioned.

Get in touch with us to discuss your thoughts and opinion on Sucessfactors and hope to see you at the next iProConference!

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