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Advanced Reporting & Online Report Designer in SuccessFactors

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  1. Demian

    Does ORD allow customers to create reports based on a time stamp? For example, I have a business requirement from the time a requisition is submitted until approved is 5 business days. Can I track and report on this in ORD?

    1. I would need to prototype, but at the moment I would take the date (of submition) for the calculation and build a additional Field to track the Time and Filter on it. Should be possible.

  2. Moa

    PLease add in Disadvantages, that there are lot’s of duplicate entries when creating a Cross Domain report.
    If you buid a several domains report you migth even have 5 recods repeated.

    Detailed reporting has an option to „remove duplicates“ bur Advance reporting does not have that option.

    Another dissadvantage is that you are not able to create a calculated column out of a boolean field, only Date, Text and number.

    Another one is that when dowloading a report to excel file, the boolean column dissapeares (is downloaded blank). And the date is downloaded in a different format (different than on the screen).

    Nice Article Nice article though!

    1. Thanks Moa! You mention some good points. In 2017 there should be several changes with the Report Center… I think some of the problems get fixed. You have a business case where you would need to calculate a column with a boolean field? I consider boolean fields more for logic, but curious to hear how you would use it.

      I guess in some cases I would prefer the Integration Center (for exports) instead of ORD…

      Thanks for the great comment!

  3. Mahesh Dudam

    Hi All,

    In my SuccessFactors Employee Central duplicate entries created with same First Name , Last Name and DOB fields.

    In ORD reporting is there any possible way to extract the USER without any duplicate entry i.e filter on First name , Last name & DOB field.

    Please suggest.

    Thanks in Advance.

    Mahesh Dudam

    1. Yes, there is, but the first question you have to answer yourself is why there are duplicates?
      Is there a wrong join? Are multiply entries of the user normal?

      Check the Table joins! Check Distinct User Options in the Guidebook.

    2. Alejandro

      Hi Mahesh, Suhas,
      ORD has LOTS of duplicates records.
      It depends on the joins that you make.

      If you join position with employee, you will get duplicates no mather which join you use. (there are only 2 join options)

      What you can do is to add filters.
      Add all the collumns and find a difference, then add a filter for that column.
      In most cases, the problem will be solved with the filter.

      A greate dissadvantage of Advance reporting is the duplicate records if you build a cross domain report.

      Kind regards,

    1. Sven Ringling

      This is not related to ORD, but external data sources for WFA are explained in the Admin guide. See partner portal or support portal.

    1. Sven Ringling

      As far as I’m aware, you need a WFA instance integrated in your instance to work with ORD in a sales/demo instance

  4. Meg Hart

    Great blog! Can you please tell me what reports from the SuccessFactors Learning Application are supported by ORD (if any)?


    1. You mean the Standard Reports, which are available in LMS? They are created with another Tool called PRD (Plateau Report Designer) or BIRT. Never the less there are no Standard Reports for LMS in ORD yet.

  5. Allan oliveira

    Hello there! This is a amazing blog!
    You guys can answer me a question?
    How can i share de reports ORD with others users ?

    1. > Go to Online Report Designer
      > Select Report (just click on it)
      > find „File“ on the left handside (second box)
      > You will find the option „Report Sharing“

      You can share an ORD Report with single user or following Logic: Department, Division, Location, BizX Role, Employee Type, WFA Role

  6. Kat Dennis

    Hello there! This is an amazing blog, I’ve learned a lot!
    I have a question though… It is possible to upload external data to Workforce Analytics Module?
    What I mean is join or merge SuccessFactors data with other databases, csv files, etc.
    I’m looking forward to the part 6 of your reporting series :)

    Thanks a lot!

    1. Hey Kat,

      yes you can add a external data source to WFA (Workforce Analytics). Mostly its a BW, but also possible, to add other data sources. In ORD (without WFA) it is not possible. I have most of the stuff collected for the next series, but I will try to get the Certification there first.

      Feel free to contact us for further questions =)

  7. Lyndal Hagar

    Regarding some of the ORD Limitations listed, CSV is supported (as of Q3 2014) and scheduling/distribution to FTP is also supported via the Report Distributor tool. Run offline is available to all users where they can pick up the Excel/CSV file from their personal „Report Distributor Downloads“ folder or a Report Distributor user can run any report offline to any format (PDF, DOC, PPT, XLS, XLSX, CSV).

    There is a good „Reporting: Recent Innovations“ doc & video here:

    1. ashok

      Its really nice article ..
      „Workforce Analytics Module in SuccessFatorcs – Part 6“ is greyed out here in your article page
      can i have some blog like this to understand WFA and WFP much better

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