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5 YouCalc Tips & Tricks for Beginners – SuccessFactors Reporting

YouCalc Dashboards or sometimes also called “Dashboard 2.0” are visual reports in SuccessFactors. Some of these reports are pre-delivered, while others are developed by partners. These visual reports have a pretty nice design and can be used as a Tile on the “Home” Page or as a Dashboard under the “Analytics” Tab. If you need more information about YouCalc read this article first, please.

It has been while ago since I wrote something about Reporting in SuccessFactors. In this article I want to write about some Tips & Tricks I mostly had to learn the hard way. One or other may just be a bug or workaround. Some of the things I will show you is just a different handling compared to other Reporting Tools. Enjoy and feel free to write down in the comments, what helps you at the start of Learning YouCalc…

Important Note: The YouCalc Dashboard Builder is only available to SAP Partners and SuccessFactors! Customers can either use the limited online Tile & Dashboard Tool or work with a SAP Partner to build YouCalc Dashboards.

SuccessFactors YouCalc

Some Basic Things About YouCalc Builder

1. Preview helps sometimes to see the data. Let’s say you imported a Report Definition and build some functions around it; some days later you open your YouCalc File again and it is empty. Well, you still have the functions, but without any data. Whatever might be wrong in your file, my first tip is to check the “Connection Setup” (a small tool Icon on the top right in the Project Explorer area) and see if you are in the right folder, where you stored your Report Definition and CSV. If this is fine, just try to preview the Dashboard. Sometimes magic happens and you see your Data afterwards. Worst case scenario, you have to insert the Report Definition again.

2. Click to the Function you want to add to. Everyone who’s worked with YouCalc before knows that sometimes adding Function and Elements in the Function area goes very smoothly, but sometimes it feels super painful! Normally the Builder will walk through with you and add “point” for “point” everything you want to add. Sometimes you may accidentally click somewhere else or want to add something somewhere else.

To save time linking everything again just click at the function you want to add an Element to, and it will continue going from there (no, you don’t need to select the “add point”, just the function works fine)… A picture may help – do you see the difference?

YouCalc MarkFunction1 YouCalc MarkFunction2

3. Be aware that a function behaves weird if you amend it again later on. There are three types of Consultants I’ve met to date. Some, who do a new object for every step they do. Some, who put everything together in one object, where you barely can understand anything in the first seconds. And the rest, who probably do both =)

Adding some stuff to an existing function can cause problems. Sometimes it isn’t working at all and the functions is freezing up, so you just can click on the red X (discard all changes). Sometimes it seems to work, but you don’t get a result. If you access the Function again, there may be some parts missing! Sometimes it just works fine… so whatever you want to do, Save before! Try to avoid more than 3 or 4 different functions levels or having too much complex stuff in one object overall.

Avoid Complex Objects

4. Save and Reload Versions. JUST DO IT! As simply as it sounds I just want to avoid you doing half or a full day of work and realising afterwards that nothing you did is working anymore! In some of the cases there is still hope and you can find an error in the file. Some of the experts can even edit the epix files to fix things, but sometimes things go wrong.

My best practise is as follows: I create a new Dashboard and save a first version after importing the Report Definition and testing the CSV File. After building 2 – 5 Objects, I save a new version (probably every 15 – 30 min). If I am sitting on a complex one I save a new version afterwards. I never lose a lot of time if I have to reload. I always have around 15 – 25 Versions of a Dashboard.

5. Don’t use column names in Pivot. If you use Pivot with the Wizard Tool make sure you change the label of the Columns with the Column Numbers afterwards. I remember the first time I forgot it and wondered so much why the Dashboard was working in the Builder and not in the SuccessFactors Instance. Column names are different in each language. If you don’t change the names into numbers the Dashboard will just work with the english version. In general, you should give your Objects spoken names to find them again easily, and it will help you later on to identify errors, get a better overview in complex functions and help you to understand what you build after several weeks or month. Trust me, nothing is worth than find your own work and not understanding it anymore =)


You want more Tips and Tricks? Add your Tip in the Comment Section! Stay tuned for the Expert Version of Tips and Tricks for the YouCalc Dashboard Builder.

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    Just want to note for any SuccessFactors customers reading this post, that this is an internal tool that is not available to Customers. The online version that is available to customers is the Tile & Dashboard Builder in Admin Tools & the Report Center.

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